Gooey, icky emotions

I’ve been on my bed for two hours straight now. I slept with an explosive orgasm at 5am and woke up at 11am with a slight comfort of not having to go to work today because it is a holiday. Yay. Just yay. A dead yay. Because lately it has been so exhausting to be… Continue reading Gooey, icky emotions

The Handmaiden

You like many movies. You love some. Some movies amaze you, some inspire you, some would get you all hyped and hopeful. Some make you fall in love with the characters, the place, the cinematography, the direction, the story, the message, the screenplay or the well thought of and written dialogues. I love watching movies.… Continue reading The Handmaiden

Ungrateful nights, Selfish thoughts

I want to run away from everything and everyone I have ever known. I do not want to be related to anyone. Just me, I have nothing and no one to lose. I want to sleep in a forest with no cares about my safety. I want to swim naked in the ocean. I want… Continue reading Ungrateful nights, Selfish thoughts

And then what ?

‘And then?’ I asked myself one night. ‘And then what are you going to do once you unravel the mysteries of the universe?’, I demanded from myself. ‘Well nothing much I guess; get back to my usual routine feeling anxious about having nothing to question and ponder about anymore’, I answered matter-of-factly back to myself.… Continue reading And then what ?

Worried About That Boy

Make up. CHECK. Style. CHECK. Heels. CHECK. The oomph. CHECK. And off goes George Alan O’Dowd the 1980’s singer-songwriter of the band ‘Culture Club’ to the trendy Blitz Club where he worked in a cloakroom, before the man became ‘boy’, ‘boy’ became an Icon. He was called Boy George.                                         The movie lavishes at the… Continue reading Worried About That Boy

God of Death – A Photo Story.

He pressed the edgy blade on the bluish thread that embossed from the skin of his wrist and in a fleeting moment of dare and cowardice, his shriveled body fell like on the floor like a rag, in his own pool of blood. Trevor believed that he had absolutely no reasons to continue living his… Continue reading God of Death – A Photo Story.

Chamber of Choices

Oh that’s a good start. It was 3a.m in the morning and I lay in my bed staring at the decorated lights twinkling on the roof of my little spacious room. I softly look around everything, trying to get philosophical.  But that feeling never came, I just felt empty. Not the philosophical kind of empty…… Continue reading Chamber of Choices

And she blinked a lot

And she blinked a lot. Like, A LOT. With that tiny face of hers, those eyes looked extravagantly BIG. “Is this seat taken?” she asked followed by numerous *blink blink blink blink blink blinks*. I stared at her for a few seconds and involuntarily became aware of the fact that suddenly I had the aching… Continue reading And she blinked a lot

In this beautifully scarred World of Ours.

  It’s eleven minutes past two in the dark morning and I resurrect myself up from my bed and open my laptop. Why do I do that? Urge. An urge to just write , something, anything. Its that perfect G-spot of the night where suddenly all of my energy and cravings and dreams and thoughts… Continue reading In this beautifully scarred World of Ours.

The Wretched Truth

Sometimes, actually almost, you just know it. You always know the answers for the questions you never want to say out loud. You try to dodge it, hide from it and ignore as much as you can; but somehow and somewhere it resurfaces again. That’s the ugliness of truth, that wretched thing won’t rest until… Continue reading The Wretched Truth